Upgrading my Phantom

I’ve finally decided to upgrade my drone.  I have had a Phantom 1, and then a Phantom 2 Vision +, and now a Phantom 4 Pro.  The big change from the last version (the Phantom 3 Pro?) is the larger camera sensor.  It is larger physically and it is larger in pixel count (20MP).  We will see if they provide a better image either in stills or video.  I really was pretty satisfied with the old FC200 that had only 12MP, but the multiple improvements that came a long with the Phantom 4 made the better camera a serious attraction.  The shipping bracket is still on the camera in the image below.


I’m still debating what monitor to use.  I have the iPhone 6 plus attached to the controller in these two images below, but I probably will want to use something larger.  I’m not sure if Apple or Android is the way to go.

Also in the image below is the multiple battery charger.  It has three sockets, and I charged two of them today.  I was surprised to discover that it charged the batteries serially (one at a time), starting with the strongest battery (the one with the most charge).

dsc_0971a3I have not yet turned the controller on, but I have seen videos of controllers and monitors in action.  For all these controllers can do, there seem to be a small number of switches and controls.  The battery status is much improved too.  It can be charged by the battery charger and you can call up its charge status just as you can on the flight battery itself.

dsc_0973a3The only other image I have here today is of the batteries charging in the charging bank.  I already described the charging sequence, but I need to mention that the charger got extremely hot about halfway through the charge cycle (2 or 3 bars were flashing or lit).  I would guess that the charger got to about 150 – 160 F (based on touch).


I should note in closing this entry that the two batteries charged in this charge cycle are different.  One is a Phantom 4 battery (with a partially black housing and 5350 mAh capacity) and the other is a Phantom 4 Pro battery (with 5850 mAh capacity).

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