Gaylord’s National Harbor and ICE Show

So we went to the National Harbor on December 27th to stay for the night and enjoy the ICE show as well as the other interesting environment at the National Harbor.  We ended up riding the Capital Wheel, but more about that later.  The large structure in the center of the image below is the Gaylord Hotel.  As you can see there is a LOT of glass in the building and it presents great views out over the water and the harbor.  This image was taken from the base of the Capital Wheel before we boarded.


Inside the Gaylord the views were great too.  The entire atrium is decorated for Christmas (and other winter holidays I assume – although I didn’t notice any), and much of the decoration seems to be permanent.

This evening image was of the Gaylord light show that was presented at 7PM 12/27 (probably other nights too).


The ICE show was cold and colorful! As usual it included the iceslide for all and I think I was the only family member that didn’t slide!

After the ICE show we found some kid’s rides that looked appetizing to the youngsters so we stopped to have hot chocolate and to let the boys and girls ride for awhile.

The next day (we were really tuckered out from the ICE show and the riders, etc.) we ventured out to the National Harbor (good name by the way) and also rode the Wheel.


The Capital Wheel reminded Connie and I of the London Eye, but on a much smaller scale.


Pictures from the car were replete with glaring reflections however, so I won’t offend the reader with the resulting images.  Needless to say that we enjoyed our CW ride and after a lunch at the Pier House we headed home to Frederick.  Another long exhausting day.

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