Big Cork Vineyards in Rorhesville, MD

On a wonderful afternoon in the middle of February, we decided to check out the Big Cork Vineyards.  The temperature was right around 70F (inching up briefly to 73F where we were).  And apparently a lot of people had the same idea we did.  The winery was crowded.  (Pardon the lens flare.)


The sun was bright and the air was warm and it was just a gorgeous day.  And Big Cork was ready for the crowds inside and out.  The physical plant houses both the winery, sales and the needs to support a kitchen of sorts (cheese and cold meats are prepared and sold for those who want something to eat with their wine.

The Vineyard is located in the beautifully rolling hills of central Maryland.  The hills around the property are apparently good for the vines and they add to the picturesque perspective of the countryside.


The tasting bar was packed with groups of tasters being served by several knowlegeable servers.  The cost of the tasting was a bit high at $10 per taster plus tax and payment using a tablet payment tool that requests a tip of 5, 10, or 15% (which was a surprise and adds up fast).  The wines offered for tasting included a 2015 Chardonnay, a 2015 Viognier, a 2014 Meritage, a 2014 Cabernet Franc, a 2014 Nebbiolo, and a 2015 Vidal Blanc.  Prices of the wines on the tasting list ranged from $16 (the Vidal Blanc) to $42 (the Nebbiolo) which seemed a tad high to us, but considering the investment that had to be made

Outside the facility three out of four sides offered outdoor seating and eating/drinking, and on the east side of the building a large patio extends out toward an open field for even more relaxation.  Today there were kite fliers in the field and music (a singer-songwriter was performing with her guitar) on the east side’s covered area.

The winery/vineyard is pet friendly and several dogs (we didn’t count them all) and the dogs all seemed to get along with each other too, although all were outside as would be appropriate.

The crowning glory (in my book anyway) was the winery room that included both wooden casks and steel tanks (aside from all the plumbing and valving for fluid transfer.  All of the wines were touted (during the tasting) as having some of the time in wood and some in steel.  The winery room supported this characteristic.


Our visit was great (mostly because of the weather) although we did not come home with any wine – maybe next time.

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